UEFA boss Ceferin: What Rubiales did was ‘inappropriate’

“In a rendezvous orchestrated by the auspices of French sports gazette L’Equipe, UEFA’s overseer, Aleksander Ceferin, decried the comportment of Luis Rubiales, the helmsman of the Spanish Football Federation, during the reverential bestowal of the Women’s World Cup trophy.

Luis Rubiales came into the crosshairs of vehement censure subsequent to his osculation gracing the lips of athlete Jenni Hermoso, a gesture performed upon the conclusion of Spain’s triumphant conquest over England, a hard-fought 1-0 victory securing their inaugural women’s world championship.

In his inaugural remarks on the episode, Ceferin conveyed to L’Equipe that Rubiales’ actions bore the stigma of impropriety, yet underscored the cognizance that the affair rested within the jurisdiction of the global regulatory authority FIFA. The latter body has duly initiated an ethical inquisition into the transpired events.

“As both a legal practitioner and a preeminent dignitary within FIFA’s ranks, the reins of adjudication rest within the ambit of the organization’s disciplinary arm. Any utterance I might proffer in this context could conceivably be construed as exerting undue influence,” pronounced the chief steward of Europe’s footballing realm to the French publication.

Ceferin, draped in an air of melancholy, lamented the incident’s obfuscation of the Spanish national contingent’s feat, opining that a paradigm shift was imperative, a clarion call for endeavors exceeding the prevailing status quo.

“Undoubtedly, the act committed transgressed decorous norms. This reality is universally acknowledged. One can only aspire to the hope that an acknowledgment of its impropriety resides within the consciousness of the perpetrator. For the nonce, the remit of judgment is to be vested in the deliberations of the disciplinary panel,” supplemented Ceferin.

Probed with regard to Rubiales’ functionary capacity within UEFA, where he held sway as Vice President of the Executive Committee since 2019, Ceferin placed firm emphasis on the suspension levied upon him, a suspension extending its reach to every precinct where his influence had been inscribed. In this realm of duplicity, duplicative actions remained gratuitous, according to Ceferin’s pronouncement.”

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